Hannibal Park

  • Saturday 11th October 2014    

We had arrived at Hannibal Park around midday to find out that it would not open until 4pm. We were allowed to walk around the entrance area and take photos, but not to wander deeper into the park. I'm guessing they wanted to keep an eye on us.

Instead of hanging around a closed park for too long, we elected to move on to our next destination and come back later when the park would be open.   

On returning from Spring Land, we arrived a few minutes after the park had opened to the general public. The park now had a completely different feel to it, with other park guests walking around. The bigger coaster acted as magnet, pulling us to it. Grand Huit is a yellow and purple Interpark Wild Wind fusion. We were dreading the worst. But although it was forceful, it wasn't that bad--I mean, I've ridden worse elsewhere. As the train pulled back into the station after completing a full circuit, I said, "thank goodness it's over! I wouldn't want to ride that again." I had barely finished my sentence when the train rolled forward onto the lift hill for another round.
Next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.

After riding Grand Huit, a ride on Mini 8, a standard Big Apple coaster from SBF, felt like a blessing. 

We had just come out of the well-themed (by Tunisian standards) haunted walk-through when we saw a large crowd walk into the park. They were supporters of one of the political parties.  This was slightly worrisome, since it was recommended, with the election being a couple weeks away; that we stay away from any political gatherings. Well, here the gathering had come to us. Luckily, the rally was just passing through the park.

We gave the Space Needle Tower a go in hopes that we would get some nice aerial shots of the park, but that was in vain as the glass on the tower was blurry.

Grand Huit is an Interpark Wild Wind. 

Overview shot taken from the Observation tower.

Mini 8 is an Wacky Worm from SBF Visa

Some nice theming

Haunted walk-through 

Observation tower

Carrousel with Evolution in the background

Wave swing

Driving School

Ali Baba Flying carpet 

Children's wheel

Ride ticket

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