• Sunday 12th October 2014

This being a Sunday, with hardly any traffic on the roads, we were treated to a full-speed tour of Tunis by our driver, who at this point was in his zone. We drove rapidly past all the closed shops to get to Katkout,  a small children's amusement park on the east side of Tunis. The park's only coaster, Pomme,  a SBF Wacky Worm, is situated near the front, making it clearly visible from outside. We cleared the coaster fairly quickly, then walked around the park to see if there were any other adult rides or attractions worth riding. But all the rides were aimed at children, so we took photos and made our way to the next park.

Katkout operates on a token system (PAYG).

Park entrance

Disney characters are well represented at Kakout.

Pomme is a SBF Wacky Worm.

    Park overview

    The park had tons of colourful children rides.

    Indoor section of the park.


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